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BTS Fans Trend #WeWantMoreJhope And Spark A Debate About Line Distribution

J-Hope is BTS‘s main dancer, talented rapper, and overall performance genius…but is he showcased enough?

Fans across Twitter have recently called attention to his poor line distribution in not only BTS’s latest single, “Butter,” but in all of BTS’s singles.

With his shockingly low cumulative time in various songs, a fan on Twitter said, “It saddens us how unusual it has become to hear him for more than 15 seconds in most of BTS’s songs.”

Hashtags like #WeWantMoreJHope and #JHopeDeservesBetter began to trend, the former receiving over 10K tweets.

With such little time to showcase his skills, fans noted that his impact is still felt across social media.

While some fans believe he needs more time, others already believe the BTS members have equal opportunities to showcase their skills.

If one thing is certain, it’s that every member deserves love and appreciation from ARMYs!


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