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Brooklyn woman who operated unlicensed day care busted for molesting two girls over three-year span


A Brooklyn woman who authorities say ran an unlicensed day care has been arrested for molesting two young girls over the past three years.

Carolyne Chiyonkoma, 44, is facing a raft of sexual abuse, forcible touching and child endangerment charges for the vile crimes.

Members of the Brooklyn NYPD Special Victims squad arrested Chiyonkoma Friday afternoon after receiving a complaint that she had rubbed a 12-year-old girl’s breasts in Brownsville a week earlier, authorities said.

Chiyonkoma tried to lure the child into a van idling outside the woman’s Prospect Place apartment near E. New York Ave., prosecutors said. When the girl refused, Chiyonkoma “offered the complainant 10 dollars."

“The defendant then massaged her breast in a circular manner and told the complainant to not tell her mother," Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Yasmine Meyer told a judge at the woman’s arraignment Saturday night.

When detectives arrested Chiyonkoma, they realized that she was wanted for a similar crime in 2016, where she allegedly molested a 6-year-old girl on three separate occasions between August and December inside Chiyonkoma’s own home and an apartment in Flatbush.

A criminal complaint alleged that Chiyonkoma put the girl on her lap and inserted her fingers into the child’s vagina and buttocks during the sordid encounters.

Chiyonkoma, who also worked as an off-the-books hairdresser, knew both children but wasn’t related to them, sources with knowledge of the case said.

She was ordered held on $35,000 bond/$17,500 cash bail at her arraignment Saturday night.

Her attorney found it fishy that police were not able to pin the 2016 crime on Chiyonkoma earlier, given that she’s been living at the same Brownsville address for years with her partner and one-year-old child.

“My client absolutely denies these allegations and says she has never come into contact with the two children," said lawyer Christina Dieckmann, as Chiyonkoma shook her head in disbelief.

It was not immediately disclosed why Chiyonkoma hadn’t been arrested earlier for the 2016 attack. The 6-year-old victim victim in that case filed a complaint against the woman that December, when the abuse ended, police confirmed.