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Bronx youth program director who works for UFT nabbed in underage sex sting


Jason Seto, left, is pictured with Mayor Bill de Blasio in an undated photo. (LinkedIn)

An elementary school worker for the city’s teachers union was busted at a city airport food court in an underage sex sting, authorities said Friday.

Jason Seto, 41, who works as Community School Director at PS 48X in the South Bronx, was arrested Thursday after setting up what he thought would be a potential sex-romp with a 14-year-old boy, according to the feds. That boy turned out to be an NYPD detective who impersonated a teen in online talks with Seto.

Detective Damon Gergar first began chatting with Seto through a dating app in August, according to a criminal complaint filed Friday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The officer told Seto he was 14, to which Seto replied “cool,” the docs said. Seto almost immediately asked about oral sex and meeting up, according to the complaint.

Seto also suggested moving to a more private app to “keep us a secret,” and told the undercover officer he liked watching child pornography featuring children younger than 14, the court papers said.

Gergar, still posing as the boy, agreed to meet up with Seto at a LaGuardia Airport food court Thursday night — where authorities were waiting to bust him, the feds said.

That’s when he turned over his phone that contained the chats with the fake 14-year-old, according to the complaint.

Seto appeared in court Friday in a tight-fitting gray polo shirt, blue jeans, and sporting a mohawk and goatee. Prosecutors asked for and were granted a temporary order of detention pending Seto’s Sept. 11 bail application.

He’s been an employee of the United Federation of Teachers — which partners with the city to bring additional resources to some schools — since October 2018. He previously worked for the nonprofit Partnership with Children, as Community School Director at PS 165 in Brooklyn.

He currently oversees efforts to provide therapy, social work services, and community partnerships at the Bronx elementary school, according to his personal website.

Seto boasts on his Linkedin page that he’s the manager for Beyonce’s choreographer Chris Grant, and that his production company put on the main event of March’s Pride Festival – a 25,000-guest party at the Jacob Javits Center.

His LinkedIn profile features a picture with Mayor de Blasio, and his instagram account features pictures of young children including a fifth grader who played Simba in a production of the Lion King Seto helped stage at PS 48X.

A UFT spokesman said “given the very serious nature of the allegations, Mr. Seto has been suspended without pay.”

The city’s Education Department said it supported the swift action.

“Mr. Seto was immediately suspended from his role when we were made aware of these deeply disturbing allegations. He is not a DOE employee and will remain suspended pending the outcome of this case," DOE said.