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British school cancels Charles Darwin musical after Christian parents' gripes


The show won't go on in Cheshire, England, after Christian parents complained about upcoming Charles Darwin musical at elementary school. (duncan1890 / Getty Images)

In the latest evolution vs. creationism battle, evolution takes the loss.

A British elementary school has put the kibosh on “Darwin Rocks!” a lighthearted Charles Darwin musical after a half-dozen Christian parents complained the production would be jeering their religion.

About 90 students were preparing to perform the show — in which some intriguing Darwin tidbits would be broached, including his love for fried tortoise and snooker — in March at the nonreligious Hartford Manor Primary School, reported BBC News.

The school’s head teacher, Simon Kidwell, mentioned he received complaints about the musical’s lyrics “bump and grind,” which are sexually suggestive. Also, three parents thought a bishop who appears in one scene is “mocked.” Some other parents felt the show would not properly represent Christian views on science.

After several concerned parents threatened to pull their kids out of the production, school officials pulled the plug.

Kidwell notes that parents hadn’t complained about school curriculum, which teaches evolution, and the board wasn’t the one to cancel production.

Some parents were disappointed to learn the show won’t go on.

“It really does feel like a huge step backwards,” parent Alan McDonald told The Independent. “It doesn’t seem evenhanded or in any way right. It is something that I think children should be learning about and this vehicle that they use is good.”

One incredulous parent who wished to remain anonymous was even more blunt.

“It is simply unacceptable that religious fundamentalist views should have such influence in a community primary school and prevent children accessing what should have been a brilliant learning experience.”