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Boris Johnson compares Britain to destructive superhero The Incredible Hulk


Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday compared Britain to the havoc-wreaking humanoid The Incredible Hulk while discussing his country’s tortured exit from the European Union.

Johnson drew the parallel in an interview with the tabloid The Mail on Sunday, saying that his country will soon shed the shackles of its European neighbors like Bruce Banner, the fictional doctor who morphs into the Hulk when he’s angry.

“Hulk always escaped, no matter how tightly bound in he seemed to be,” Johnson told the paper. “And that is the case for this country.”

Britain is currently reeling from another round of political convulsions. Lawmakers thrashed Johnson’s government in a series of votes earlier this month, with Parliament passing legislation to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

Johnson lost his working majority in Parliament, faced a rebellion from within his own Conservative party — led by party grandees including Winston Churchill’s grandson — and, more recently, received a verbal lashing from David Cameron, the former prime minister.

Johnson also has been accused of lying to the queen to secure the suspension of Parliament, which closed up shop Tuesday. The move, which keeps Parliament closed until Oct. 14, was widely seen as a ploy to shut out debate on Brexit ahead of the departure date.

Johnson has continued to insist that Britain will leave on Halloween.

The prime minister said Saturday the key sticking point in Brexit, the Northern Irish backstop intended to keep the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland open, is approaching a resolution.

“There’s a very, very good conversation going on about how to address the issues of the Northern Irish border," Johnson told the Mail. “A huge amount of progress is being made.”

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said Friday a “very wide” chasm remained in negotiations between Britain and the EU.