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Boeing to pay nearly $145K to families of victims killed in crashes over Ethiopia and Indonesia


Families who lost loved ones in a pair of Boeing plane crashes in late 2018 and early 2019 will be compensated with $144,500 each.

The payout announced Monday pertains to an Oct. 29, 2018, flight that killed 189 people in Indonesia and a March 10 Ethiopian Airlines crash that claimed 157 victims.

Boeing announced in July that it would give $100 million to families and communities affected by the tragedies, according to the BBC, which reports Monday’s settlement was part of that commitment.

A Texas-based attorney representing 15 of the families affected said the $144,500 payout “doesn’t come close to compensating” grieving relatives of the deceased and that “the families really want answers.”

Families that submit claims for the voluntary payouts offered by the aviation company may still pursue individual claims, according to the BBC’s report.

The Federal Aviation Administration announced Monday that technical experts and safety regulators are engaged in discussing when the 737 MAX, which has been grounded for six months, might fly again. The organization stated, “each government will make its own decision to return the aircraft to service, based on a thorough safety assessment.”