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Boaters find Jaguar sports car submerged in marsh


Contrary to stereotypes about cats, Jaguars are very good swimmers.

Jaguar cars? Not so much.

This picture shows the moment an expensive Jaguar was consumed by water - after the owner left the car parked on a tidal road. See SWNS story SWJAG; The black Jaguar XK, which cost around £60,000 when new, can be seen with the boot open and water nearly to the top of the windows. Chris and Gill Freeborn were passing in their boat when they spotted the unfortunate situation, and quickly took some snaps. Gill said the sight made her "howl with laughter", and Chris said the Jaguar was "clearly not a happy pussy cat". The car, worth around £10,000 on the current market, has now been removed from Aveton Gifford tidal road in Kingsbridge, Devon.

The unknown owner of one learned this the hard way when he or she got stuck on a road traversing a marsh as the tide came in.

The 2008 XJ was discovered by a couple out boating when they came across the half-submerged coupe sitting between two rows of poles marking the road, which is literally called Tidal Road, in Kingsbridge, England.


 (Google Street View)

Locals know of the twice daily danger posed by the crossing, and signs warn that it is impassable at times.

"They most have tried to cross but realized too late that they weren't going anywhere,” Christopher Freeborn told SWNS.

The hatchback was left open, suggesting it was used for the escape.

Freeborn said the car otherwise looked like it was in good shape, but its owner can probably expect its $15,000 market price to take a dip in the wake of the incident.


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