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Bill of particulars: One thing de Blasio’s presidential campaign accomplished


To those who think Bill de Blasio’s 127-day presidential run, which topped out at 1% support among Democrats, left no lasting mark, we offer a corrective assessment: The mayor made one major contribution.

Namely, he pioneered a creative new way to flout federal campaign finance laws by billing more than $50,000 in expenses to a separate state political action committee, drawing a rebuke from the Federal Election Commission.

Monday, de Blasio blamed his slippery moves on his political lawyers.

That sounded familiar. When his 2014 fundraising for state Senate races circumvented state laws, he blamed legal counsel. When he ignored official warnings and sought money for his nonprofit from donors with city business, he again pointed a finger at pesky attorneys.

There are two possibilities here: The mayor picks, and sticks with, bad lawyers. Or he invites questionable legal advice on purpose so he has permission to dodge the rules.