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Berlin man with 'potentially life-threatening erection' launches fund-raiser


Danny Polaris has been suffering with a potentially life-threatening priapism, an erection that won't go down. (@dannypolaris / Instagram)

It’s not your average fundraiser.

A singer in Berlin, Germany who says he’s been suffering from a “potentially life-threatening" erection over the past two weeks thanked sympathizers for contributing to his GoFundMe page Sunday, but says he still needs to raise money for rehabilitation and travel expenses after the swelling goes down.

The native Welshman, Danny Polaris, attributed his problem to a condition called Priapism on social media.

“I was nervous at first about sharing my story about my Priapism, but I’m happy I have, then, so I can spread awareness across the world about this agonizingly painful and sometimes terrifying condition,” Polaris said in a video posted on Instagram.

The crooner’s website describes him as a “performance artist” specializing in jazz and cabaret. He appears to be recuperating in a hospital in the hipster Kreuzberg district of the German capital.

According to Polaris, his condition was brought on by experimenting with an alternate version of a drug meant to treat erectile dysfunction.

“How did it happen, everyone asks,” he wrote on Instagram last week when the treatments were underway. “Short answer: bad reaction to new kind of Viagra.”

Polaris’ GoFundMe page collected just over $700 over the weekend.

“I’ve had a bunch of painful surgical procedures and been at a 10 on the pain scale," he wrote last week. “Often crying from fear and pain. I may never have an erection again. It’s complicated and the doctors don’t really know what will happen. I’m being brave. But I need your help.”

The GoFundMe page, set up by two friends of Poalris, describe a harrowing ordeal that they say is becoming an increasing risk.

“Some days he’s been in so much pain, that he has blacked out / fallen unconscious, even with strong pain relief,” the fundraising page claims.