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Arrest in Brookyln murder brings solace to family devastated by gang slayings

A Brooklyn family that’s endured the slaying of three sons and the imprisonment of a fourth was given a glimmer of hope over the weekend — the arrest of a man accused of killing one of their kin on his 24th birthday.

Kent Shand, 27, was busted in Pennsylvania after a weeks-long manhunt and returned to New York Friday to face justice. He’s accused of fatally shooting Keon Gravenhise in the chest March 11 — the latest chapter of pain and grief for the Gravenhise family.

“What it did was help lift the family up off the ground, because we never got justice for the prior murders that happened in my family,” said Keon’s great-uncle, Gary Gravenhise. “However, it doesn’t undo what happened, don’t get me wrong.”

Keon Gravenhise

Keon’s cousin, Hakeem, was just 16 when he was fatally shot outside his home during a 2010 gang war. In 2014, his brother, Nathaniel, 19, was killed in what police also described as a gang-related slaying.

Keon and Nathaniel’s brother, Clayton, now 25, is in state prison after confessing to two payback murders for Nathaniel’s death.

The Gravenhise boys are pictured In this undated photo from an uncle’s wedding. From left: Keon Gravenhise, cousin Denzel Gravenhise, Nathaniel Gravenhise, Hakeem Gravenhise and Clayton Gravenhise, crouching in the front.

On March 11, Shand shot Keon Gravenhise in the chest in front of The Jewish Escape Room on Ave. M near E. 19th St. in Midwood, police charge.

The front page of the New York Daily News on March 28: How guns. gangs and revenge killings ravaged Brooklyn's Gravenhise family.

The Gravenhise family spoke to the News about its tragic history last month, and relatives pushed back at law enforcement descriptions of the young men as gang members, citing Hakeem, Clayton and Keon’s football exploits at Erasmus Hall, and calling them victims of the streets and targets of the police.

“They makes these boys out as if they was gangbangers, and they wasn’t,” said their great-aunt, Louise Gravenhise, 55. “They was raised by their mother, and grandmother, and aunts and uncles … They took a whole generation from us.”

Shand, who hails from Lebanon, Penn., was captured in York, Pa. by the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force. He was returned to New York on a murder warrant, and remains in city Correction Department custody awaiting arraignment in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

“Right now, we’re grieving heavily. He had so much going on for him, for someone to take his life so senselessly,” Gary Gravenhise said about Keon. “We’re gonna suffer for the rest of our living days.”

“We can breathe now because the perpetrator got apprehended, but once we get a sentencing, we can begin to feel differently,” he added. “Any associated parties that had a part in Keon’s death, we want prosecuted to the fullest extent.”

Source (Ny Daily news)

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