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Amber Sabathia becomes baseball agent with CAA

LOS ANGELES ((DailyNews)) — Amber Sabathia is breaking into baseball.

The wife of retired All-Star pitcher CC Sabathia has joined CAA Sports’ baseball division as an agent, Jeff Berry, co-head of baseball at CAA, said Monday.

“With more than 20 years of experience in the business of baseball, working alongside her husband CC, Amber has demonstrated tremendous strategic vision and meticulous execution as an entrepreneur and philanthropist,” Berry said in a statement. “Now, in her new role as agent, Amber brings a unique perspective as business woman of color, baseball wife, and mother, all of which will prove invaluable to our team and the clients we serve.”

CC Sabathia was a six-time All-Star during a career with Cleveland (2001-08), Milwaukee (2008) and the New York Yankees (2009-19), and he won the 2007 AL Cy Young Award. In January 2014, he switched agents to Roc Nation Sports, which has worked with CAA’s baseball division.

“Having a front row seat alongside CC’s career throughout the past two decades provided me with critical insight and experience in business, marketing, and philanthropy,” Amber Sabathia said in a statement. “I recognize my unique ability to support, advise, and lead all facets of the process with players and their families.”


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