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Amazon’s Alexa replaced with voices of Cardi B, Anthony Hopkins


Amazon's Alexa is making money moves.

The all-knowing digital personal assistant device, known as Alexa, will make an appearance during the Super Bowl — but this time with a couple new looks (or should we say, voices).

An early-look at an Alexa Super Bowl commercial features her voice replaced with the voices of famous stars like Cardi B, Anthony Hopkins, chef Gordon Ramsey and Rebel Wilson.

The commercial begins with a frantic Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos scrambling to find a replacement once Alexa loses her voice.

A teen sitting at his desk questions Alexa about the distance to Mars and Cardi responds in her signature chirp and it cuts to her responding to the request for her massive closet.

Later, Cardi B appears again when a user asks her to play country music and she refuses, instead playing her rap hit "Bodak Yellow."

Cardi B appears in an ad for Amazon's Alexa for Super Bowl LII in January 2018.


Ramsey hurls insults at a user asking how to make a grilled cheese and Wilson uncomfortably sets the mood at a small house gathering.

Hopkins makes the finally celebrity appearance in the clip, in an apparent attempt to frighten a user trying to reach a friend on the other line.

He appears sitting in a field with giant peacocks.

The commercial was just a sham, however, the Alexa voice will remain the same — for now.