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June 20, 2019

Amazon removes dozens of ‘offensive’ bathroom products featuring Koran and prayer verses

January 9, 2019
Amazon removed dozens of products after Muslim rights activists complained that they were offensive last week. (AdrianHancu / Getty Images)

Amazon has removed dozens of products, including a toilet seat cover featuring a photo of the Koran, after Muslim rights activists complained that they were offensive last week.


Ibrahim Hooper, communications director at Council on American-Islamic Relations, said he believes the bathroom product was meant to be disrespectful. However he doesn’t think the other items, most of which were bath mats and doormats, were created to intentionally offend anyone.

“I think the intent was to make some money on a product they already sell,” Hooper told the Daily News. “When you get into the Koran image on a toilet, that gets more into the intent to offend.”

Emvency, the Chinese company that distributed the products on the site, allegedly used images found online and plastered them on existing commodities.

A spokesperson for Amazon confirmed to the News that the products “are being removed from our store.”

Hooper, however, doesn’t fault Amazon.

“Amazon’s not the bad guy. They’re doing what they should,” Hooper said. “They have tens of thousands of products and unless somebody brings it to their attention, they wouldn’t now.”

He does hope the removal will send a message to other retailers to be more cautious of what they sell.

“Everything can’t be just about making a dollar. You have to be sensitive to other people as well,” he said. “Just be aware of what you’re selling and the appropriateness of what you’re selling.”

For now though, Hooper is focusing on making sure Amazon is alerted of any offensive products.

“In fact,” he said, “I just sent another to Amazon this morning.”

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