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Alligator takes a bite out of Louisiana deputy’s car, escapes


An alligator (inset) took a bite out of a Louisiana deputy’s car before making an escape.

It was a bite-and-run.

An alligator chomped on a Louisiana deputy’s car before making an escape, authorities said Monday.

The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office said an 8-foot alligator was spotted Monday night in the middle of a highway. Authorities tried to contain the alligator so wildlife removal experts could take it away, but the animal escaped.

However, the alligator did not get away without taking a bite out of a deputy’s patrol car, the sheriff’s office said.

Pictures from the sheriff’s office show the patrol car with the right of the car mangled, presumably from the alligator’s choppers.

The one that got away... This 8-footer was spotted tonight in the middle of Hwy. 1 in the hills of north Caddo Parish....

Posted by Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office on Monday, June 10, 2019

The grille from the front bumper is on the ground, torn off when the animal took a bite. The alligator sits nearby in the pictures, hidden in the grass.

Users were amused by the alligator and made jokes about the culprit’s escape.

“I want a copy of the Accident Report," one user wrote.

Another user said “at least they have pictures of the culprit!!!!”