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June 19, 2019

Alabama authorities warn motorists not to eat chicken tenders they find on the highway

January 9, 2019
Alabama residents warned by authorities that chicken found on the street is off limits. (Melissa d’Arabian / AP)

Don’t try to eat this meat.

Authorities in Cherokee County, Ala., are warning motorists they could be prosecuted if caught eating chicken tenders they find on Highway 35.


The roughly 26,000 person county’s emergency management agency posted a note on its Facebook page after an 18-wheeler hauling poultry bits crashed, spilling its cargo onto the highway. According to the government warning, the street meat is not only illegal to consume, but unhealthy as well.

“Those cases have been on the ground for over 24 hours and are unsafe to consume,” the Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency warned after the crash on Sunday. “Anyone who is caught could be facing charges.”

Officials kept motorists apprised of their efforts to make the highway safe again.

“Cleanup of the Chicken on AL Hwy 35 is underway. It took coordination to be able to close Hwy 35 down to one lane to allow the cleanup to be done safely,” authorities wrote once they had tended to the mess.

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