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Aespa Is Reportedly Preparing For Their First Comeback

SM Entertainment‘s newest girl group aespa is reportedly preparing for their first comeback later in May.

| @aespa_official/Twitter

According to an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports, aespa are working on their comeback which is planned for May. They are currently in the final stages of preparation for their comeback, and are planning to release various content that fans will be able to enjoy, such as a showcase.

Aespa debuted with “Black Mamba” back in November 2020 and set a record for the shortest time a rookie group needed to reach 100 million views on their music vide. They also ranked on the Billboard Global chart and have been selected as Givenchy’s first ever brand ambassador.

Aespa’s concept of four members and four avatars has drawn attention, particularly to how the two sides interact in aespa’s universe. There are high expectations for aespa’s concept for their first comeback, and what they will bring to the music industry.

Source: Ilgan Sports


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