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May 20, 2019

A look at the greatest mullets throughout sports history

September 28, 2018

{ url: "", caption: "In this Jan. 13, 2010 fphoto, Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen looks on during football practice in Eden Prairie, Minn. Allen later cut his trademark mullet for his upcoming wedding. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)", credit: "(AP Photo/Jim Mone)", authorsHtml: "By AP Photo/Jim Mone ", sourceId: "105135630", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Jared Allen mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "Rod Beck #47 of the Boston Red Sox reacts to a call during the game against the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland. The Orioles defeated the Red Sox 2-1. (Doug Pensinger/Allsport)", credit: "(Doug Pensinger/Allsport)", authorsHtml: "By Doug Pensinger/Allsport ", sourceId: "105124571", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Rod Beck mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics celebrates victory over the Detroit Pistons in Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs at Boston Garden in this May 26, 1987 photo. (AP Photo/Peter Southwick)", credit: "(AP Photo/Peter Southwick)", authorsHtml: "By AP Photo/Peter Southwick ", sourceId: "105135986", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Larry Bird mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "Seatle Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth, Nov. 29, 1988, during mini-camp in Kirkland, Washington. (Associated Press)", credit: "(Associated Press)", authorsHtml: "By Associated Press ", sourceId: "105137896", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Brian Bosworth mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "Oakland Athletics Mark McGwire, right, gives some batting pointers to teammate Jose Canseco prior to the start of their spring training game Monday, March 3, 1997 in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Jeff Robbins)", credit: "(AP Photo/Jeff Robbins)", authorsHtml: "By AP Photo/Jeff Robbins ", sourceId: "105135196", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Jose Canseco mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "John Daly celebrates his birdie putt on the second hole of a four-hole playoff against Constantino Rocca on the Old Course at St. Andrews during the British Open Sunday, July 23, 1995. Daly won after a four-hole playoff. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)", credit: "(AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)", authorsHtml: "By AP Photo/Lynne Sladky ", sourceId: "105140810", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "John Daly mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "1987: Center Wayne Gretzky of the Edmonton Oilers looks on during a game against the Los Angeles Kings at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, California. (ALLSPORT USA /Allsport)", credit: "(ALLSPORT USA /Allsport)", authorsHtml: "By ALLSPORT USA /Allsport ", sourceId: "105137356", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Wayne Gretzky mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy says his mullet has meant millions in marketing dollars to the school. (LM Otero/Associated Press)", credit: "(LM Otero/Associated Press)", authorsHtml: "By LM Otero/Associated Press ", sourceId: "105124575", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Mike Gundy mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "Jaromir Jagr shows off his mullet and his smile. (Associated Press)", credit: "(Associated Press)", authorsHtml: "By Associated Press ", sourceId: "105141530", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Jaromir Jagr mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "Randy Johnson is shown in an Aug. 1, 1998 file photo. Johnson agreed Monday, Nov. 30, 1998 to a $53 million, four-year contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks. (AP Photo/Gary Tramontina)", credit: "(AP Photo/Gary Tramontina)", authorsHtml: "By AP Photo/Gary Tramontina ", sourceId: "105141199", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Randy Johnson", },

{ url: "", caption: "Patrick Kane #88 of the Chicago Blackhawks arrives before Game One of the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Final against the Philadelphia Flyers at the United Center on May 29, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)", credit: "(Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)", authorsHtml: "By Bruce Bennett/Getty Images ", sourceId: "105124580", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Patrick Kane mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "Philadelphia Phillies first baseman John Kruk bats in the seventh inning of their home opener against the Colorado Rockies on Monday, April 11, 1994, in Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium. Kruk rejoined the team after undergoing surgery and treatment for cancer. The Phillies lost to the Rockies 8-7. (AP Photo/Chris Gardner)", credit: "(AP Photo/Chris Gardner)", authorsHtml: "By AP Photo/Chris Gardner ", sourceId: "105139039", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "John Kruk mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "Don Majkowski echoes the referee's touchdown signal after a controversial reversal of a call that gave the Packers a 14-13 victory over the Bears in Green Bay on Nov. 5, 1989. (Bob Langer/Chicago Tribune)", credit: "(Bob Langer/Chicago Tribune)", authorsHtml: "By Bob Langer/Chicago Tribune ", sourceId: "105132687", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Don Majkowski mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "Oakland Athletics' Mark McGwire, right, is congratulated by Rafael Bournigal (26) and manager Art Howe, center, after his two-run homer in the fifth inning Saturday, April 19, 1997, against the Detroit Tigers. (AP Photo/Duane Burleson)", credit: "(AP Photo/Duane Burleson)", authorsHtml: "By AP Photo/Duane Burleson ", sourceId: "105135198", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Mark McGwire mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "Vancouver Canucks' Donald Brashear pins Boston Bruins' Marty McSorley during a first-period fight in NHL action in Vancouver, Monday, Feb.21, 2000. McSorley high-sticked Brashear late in the game in a sickening incident that left the Canuck's winger with a concussion. The NHL indefinitely suspended Marty McSorley on Tuesday for knocking out Donald Brashear with a stick-swinging hit so savage that police are investigating. (AP Photo/Vancouver Province-Gerry Kahrmann)", credit: "(AP Photo/Vancouver Province-Gerry Kahrmann)", authorsHtml: "By AP Photo/Vancouver Province-Gerry Kahrmann ", sourceId: "105135199", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Marty McSorley mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "Actor Tim Robbins, right, and former coach of the Los Angeles Kings Barry Melrose share a laugh as they skate around prior to the NHL All-Star Celebrity Challenge at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2002. Robbins was captain of the Kelley's Heroes team, while Melrose played for Bruckheimer's Bad Boys team. (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)", credit: "(AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)", authorsHtml: "By AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian ", sourceId: "105138220", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Barry Melrose mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "Tony Meola smiles Tuesday, July 19, 1994 at the Jets' Hempstead, N.Y. training facility. The Jets announced the signing of Meola, who had been the starting goalie for the U.S. since 1989, as a placekicker. Meola is from Kearny, N.J. (AP Photo/Kevin Larkin)", credit: "(AP Photo/Kevin Larkin)", authorsHtml: "By AP Photo/Kevin Larkin ", sourceId: "105141982", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Tony Meola mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "Martina Navratilova reacts to a point against Nicole Provis of Australia during their Women's Singles match on the Centre Court at Wimbledon, July 1, 1989. Navratilova won the match 6-0, 6-3. (Dave Caulkin/AP)", credit: "(Dave Caulkin/AP)", authorsHtml: "By Dave Caulkin/AP ", sourceId: "105124592", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Martina Navratilova mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "The Baltimore Ravens' Tony Siragusa tapes up his wrist during a team minicamp in Owings Mills, Md., June 12, 2000. Siragusa is the Goose, the loud\u2013talking, wing\u2013flapping center of the Baltimore Ravens' record\u2013breaking defensive line. (AP Photo/Roberto Borea)", credit: "(AP Photo/Roberto Borea)", authorsHtml: "By AP Photo/Roberto Borea ", sourceId: "105142477", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Tony Siragusa mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "In this Oct. 23, 1993 file photo, Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Mitch Williams pitches during the ninth inning of game 6 of the World Series with the Toronto Blue Jays at Sky Dome in Toronto. Williams gave up the winning home run to the Jays' Joe Carter as the Jays beat the Phillies 8-6 for their second straight World Series title. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)", credit: "(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)", authorsHtml: "By AP Photo/Elise Amendola ", sourceId: "105139601", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Mitch Williams mullet", },

{ url: "", caption: "The Milwaukee Brewers Robin Young is shown in this 1991 file photo. Nolan Ryan, George Brett and Yount were voted into the Hall of Fame Tuesday Jan. 5, 1999, the biggest class of first-time candidates since Babe Ruth and four others were chosen in the original election of 1936. (AP Photo)", credit: "(AP Photo)", authorsHtml: "By AP Photo ", sourceId: "105142713", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Robin Yount mullet", },


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From John Kruk to Mike Gundy, take a look at some of the mullets that have been sported by athletes over the years.
(Tribune News Service)

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