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May 25, 2019

A jerk with tenure: Brooklyn College can’t touch a professor who says sexual assault is a rite of male passage

October 8, 2018
Some lesson. (Brooklyn College)

Trolling for outrage, a Brooklyn College business professor who specializes in skewering the left-wing cant of the academy wrote something abhorrent on his blog: that “If someone did not commit sexual assault in high school, then he is not a member of the male sex.”

Further, that “The Democrats have become a party of tutu-wearing pansies, totalitarian sissies who lack virility, a sense of decency, or the masculine judgment that has characterized the greatest civilizations.”

Mitchell Langbert, who now insults the city’s intelligence by pretending this was all Swiftian satire, is a tenured professor at a public university, one that rightly asserts in its policy on free expression that “concerns about civility can never be used as a justification for closing off discussion of ideas, however disagreeable or offensive they may be to some members of the University community.

“The appropriate response to false or offensive speech is not to prohibit it but to respond with more speech.”

So, while some call for Langbert to get canned, we simply say to him: Get bent.

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