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9-year-old boy in California spends allowance on classmates’ lunch debt


A 9-year-old boy in Napa, Calif. decided to do something about lunchroom debt when he saw a news story about a kindergartner who returned her lunch when she didn’t have enough money to cover it.

The third-grader, Ryan Kyote, spent his allowance on covering the his whole class’ lunch debt, his mom, Kylie Kirkpatrick told NBC’s “Today” show.

“Ryan was outraged,” Kilpatrick told NBC. “He said, ‘Mom, how does something like this happen?’ Then he asked what he could do to help.”

The class’ debt came to $74.50, Kilpatrick said, a better investment than a new pair of sneaks, Ryan decided.

A 2017 California law requires that schools do not deny students lunch, regardless of their lunch balance.

But the difficulties some students face covering school lunch prices have emerged as a focus of national concern recently.

Sen. Bernie Sanders chimed in on Kyote’s story in a tweet Sunday, saying “'School lunch debt’ should not exist in the wealthiest country in the history of the world.”