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9 New K-Pop Songs And One New Album Just Debuted On Billboard’s World Charts

This week is a big one for new K-Pop songs trending on the Billboard world charts! The last couple of weeks have only seen a couple of new songs and albums from the music genre debuting on the World Digital Song Sales chart and World Albums chart respectively, but this week, nine of the twenty-five songs on the former list are newly debuted K-Pop songs! One new K-Pop album is also trending on the latter chart as well.

NCT Dream’s Jisung | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

The World Digital Song Sales chart lists the top twenty-five best-selling international singles in the United States each week, and the World Albums chart does the same for the top fifteen international albums.

Cosmic Girls’ Exy

Starting with newly debuting songs, the top-ranking new K-Pop song this week is “Hot Sauce” by NCT Dream! For its first week on the list, it’s ranked at #10. It’s also NCT Dream’s 10th song to make the chart so far, with “Chewing Gum” being it’s top-ranking with a peak at #2 back in 2016.

MONSTA X claims the next highest-ranking song on the chart, though interestingly, it’s from an album, The Clan Pt. 2 Guilty, that came out in 2016. “Be Quiet” is ranking at #14 this week, and it’s not the only old MONSTA X song to debut this time around!

In fact, several songs of theirs from various albums made their first appearance on the World Digital Song Sales chart this week: “Rush”, from the 2015 album of the same name, ranks at #15; “Myself”, from the 2018 album Take.1 Are You There?, is at #18; “Ready or Not”, from the album The Clan Pt. 2.5: The Final Chapter released in 2017, ranked at #19; the 2019 song “Mirror” off of their Follow: Fine You album, ranked at #20; and finally, “Stand Up”, from their 2020 album Fantasia X, comes in at #25.

The second to last new song to debut this week is Cosmic Girls: The Black‘s new song, “Easy”! For its first time on the chart, the song comes in at #17. It’s also Cosmic Girls’ first song to make it onto this chart, either as a full group or a sub-unit!

And finally, the last new K-Pop song to chart this week is “Hurt” by Baekhyun and Seomoontak! Ranked at #21, this collaboration is Baekhyun’s 12th song, and Seomoontak’s first, to make it onto the Billboard chart!

As for the World Albums chart, the one new K-Pop album to debut this week is NCT Dream’s Hot Sauce! Ranked at #10, this is the sub-unit’s 5th album to rank on this chart, with We Young being their top-charting with a peak at #3 in 2017.

Congratulations to all the newly charting artists!

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