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May 19, 2019

50 Cent straps on bulletproof vest as he chides NYPD commander accused of threatening his life

February 21, 2019
Rapper 50 Cent posted a photo of himself wearing a bullet resistant vest as he continues his war of words with an NYPD inspector accused of ordering his cops to shoot him. (Gregg Vigliotti for the New York Daily News)

50 Cent is suited up and ready for war — against the NYPD.

The actor and rapper on Thursday posted a photo of himself on Instagram wearing what appears to be a bullet resistant vest as he continues his tirade against Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez, the Brooklyn NYPD commander being investigated for ordering his officers to shoot the celebrity on sight.


“Just in case you think I’m slipping Emmanuel Gonzalez,” the rapper wrote posing with the vest, which he wore under a gray plaid suit.

More than 327,000 Instagram users cheered his decision, and at least one jokingly recommended that he take extra precautions.

“Where’s the bullet proof doo-rag?” a user posted.

The rapper has repeatedly lashed out on social media against Gonzalez ever since the Daily News first reported Sunday that the inspector was being investigated for telling his officers last June to shoot 50 Cent if they saw him at a department-sanctioned boxing match known as a “smoker.”

Gonzalez’s “order” about 50 Cent — which he later passed off as a joke — rattled his officers so much that one cop sent out a text message about it that got other Sunset Park cops buzzing.

“The inspector just said at roll call if u see Kurtis Jackson (aka 50cent) shoot on site … I’m like wtf,” the officer wrote on June 8, according to a copy of the text obtained by the Daily News.

Gonzalez’s gaffe finally made its way to police headquarters, where it is under an “internal review,” the NYPD confirmed.

Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez, the commanding officer of the 72nd Precinct, is being investigated for allegedly threatening rapper 50-Cent.
Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez, the commanding officer of the 72nd Precinct, is being investigated for allegedly threatening rapper 50-Cent. (NYPD)

A source with knowledge of the case said eight police officers and a supervisor have confirmed hearing Gonzalez’s remark.

A month earlier, the inspector filed an aggravated harassment complaint against 50 Cent, claiming that the rapper threatened him on Instagram when the “In Da Club” singer commented on a lawsuit accusing Gonzalez of shaking down the owner of the now-shuttered Sunset Park club Love & Lust, one of his favorite night spots.

In the Twitter tirade, 50 Cent wrote, “Get the strap,” a slang term for “get the gun.”

In the complaint he filed, Gonzalez said several of 50 Cent’s 18 million followers responded with their own threats against the precinct leader, including “F–k this commander” and “Blast this fool” — leaving him “in fear of his safety.”

Gonzalez remains on full duty as of Thursday. Unlike last year, he hasn’t filed a complaint against the Instagram threats the rapper unleashed on him.

Now it’s 50 Cent who’s saying he fears for his safety.

“I’m afraid for my life,” the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, said on Instagram on Tuesday. “I haven been able to sleep since I heard of this. The cops never notified me of the threat.”


“I’m closing all my business in New York,” he said. “I may have to sue the city.”

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