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5 Unexpected Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas--No Lace Required


Raymond Hall/GC Images

Sexy doesn't always have to include something sheer, lace or underwear as outerwear

We get it—on Valentine's Day, you want to flaunt what your mama gave ya. However, should your style land outside of the box—or if you're more into Anti-Valentine's Day rather than trying to get hit by Cupid's arrow—we have the perfect celebrity-inspired outfit inspiration for you. 

Even if you're not an off-duty model, like Gigi Hadid, there's a way to look cute AF in athleisure. If your fashion perspective is a little more dramatic, like Kesha's, it's optimal time to wear a headpiece like the goddess you are. 

Confidence is sexy. And you'll definitely need a lot of it to wear these unexpected-but-cute outfits. 

ESC: Anti Valentines Day, Kesha

Gotham/GC Images

As the pop star sings in her new hit, "Woman": "I buy my own things, I pay my own bills // These diamond rings, my automobiles // Everything I got, I bought it // Boys can't buy my love, buy my love, yeah." This Valentine's Day, be as extra as you want—crowns and capes included. If your significant other or love interest can't appreciate dramatic statements, it may be time to twirl away in your most gorgeous flowing garments. 

ESC: Anti Valentines Day, Lady Gaga

Gotham/GC Images

Like Mother Monster, you walk to the beat of your own drum. Some may think you look a little bizarre, but you're just a bird flaunting its feathers. It may be hard to track down a head-to-toe printed ensemble like Gaga's, but you can recreate this look with a printed dress and bold accessories. 

ESC: Anti Valentines Day, Kendall Jenner

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It's cold outside! If you don't want to put on a skin-tight dress, opt for a covered, layered look like Kendall. A badass attitude is sexy. 

ESC: Anti Valentines Day, Rita Ora

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It may be the holiday of romance, but you mean all business. A printed suit is feminine yet strong, especially if it's impeccably tailored. For a more relaxed look, try pajama-inspired co-ordinates and a structured blazer. 

ESC: Anti Valentines Day, Gigi Hadid

Raymond Hall/GC Images

Whether you're going to the movies with a friend or on a hiking date, you can look fashion-forward in athleisure. Follow in Gigi's footsteps and tuck your baggy hoodie into lace-up joggers. Pair the casual look with combat boots and a structured mini bag for an ensemble that strikes a balance. 

Would you wear any of these looks?