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July 19, 2019

10 tech gifts that are actually useful

November 24, 2018

{ url: "", caption: "At this point, if you\u2019re a Netflix subscriber, you probably have your smart TV setup hacked together. But if you want to add another TV, or you\u2019re tired of your wheezing old Xbox 360, Roku\u2019s Streaming Stick+ is the best choice to make your household smarter. No box required \u2014 it plugs right into your TV, and if your TV has a USB port, the Roku can probably power itself without going anywhere near that scary power strip mentioned earlier. Also, it does 4K, if you care about that. $59 on Amazon<\/a> (Sarah Tew / CNET / TNS)", credit: "(Sarah Tew / CNET / TNS)", authorsHtml: "By Sarah Tew / CNET / TNS ", sourceId: "109590368", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Stream more easily", },

{ url: "", caption: "The Nintendo Switch is a year and a half old, which in video game terms, means it\u2019s approaching obsolescence. But Nintendo knows how to entertain kids in inventive new ways: It invented an ingenious kit called the Nintendo Labo, which kids use to build stuff with cardboard that attaches to the game system. Go fishing, play the piano, drive a car, pretend to be a robot \u2014 it\u2019s all the fun of a refrigerator box combined with a healthy does of STEM. Starts at $59.99 at Amazon<\/a> (Nintendo of America / TNS)", credit: "(Nintendo of America / TNS)", authorsHtml: "By Nintendo of America / TNS ", sourceId: "109590315", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Cardboard + video games = fun", },

{ url: "", caption: "Amazon brands the Echo Dot as a smart speaker, and sure, you could plop it in your kitchen and play music through its little speakers. But it\u2019ll really shine if you hook it up to your existing stereo setup. That\u2019s because it has an auxiliary jack, which you can use to turn your hi-fi into a Spotify-playing machine (and order stuff from Amazon too). $49.99, Amazon<\/a> (Stephen Brashear / Getty Images)", credit: "(Stephen Brashear / Getty Images)", authorsHtml: "By Stephen Brashear / Getty Images ", sourceId: "109590305", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Gadget to make your stereo smarter", },

{ url: "", caption: "It\u2019s safe to say, anyone who knows Siri has a love-hate relationship with Apple\u2019s personal assistant. In an era when Alexa can buy a load of groceries without your having to look at a screen and Google can basically read your mind, Siri is lackluster. But Apple\u2019s HomePod makes up for her shortcomings with amazing, rich sound that can fill a room. If music is your priority, snag this speaker. $349,<\/a> (Tyler Lizenby / CNET / TNS)", credit: "(Tyler Lizenby / CNET / TNS)", authorsHtml: "By Tyler Lizenby / CNET / TNS ", sourceId: "109590214", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Great-sounding smart speaker that\u2019s kinda dumb", },

{ url: "", caption: "So you\u2019ve decided to go with an Android cellphone, bucking the ranks of mindless Apple devotees for a little bit more flexibility. Well, if you\u2019re going to give all your personal information to Google\u2019s ad-selling machine, you might as well go right to the source for a phone that\u2019s got the latest bells and whistles: The Google Pixel 3 pairs one of the best cameras ever put on a smartphone with some seriously impressive artificial intelligence. Starts at $799,<\/a> (Richard Drew / AP)", credit: "(Richard Drew / AP)", authorsHtml: "By Richard Drew / AP ", sourceId: "109590185", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Android phone without the baggage", },

{ url: "", caption: "When Apple rolled out its usual batch of iPhones this year, it was a little confusing: All the new devices have a screen that takes up the entire front of the phone, but one of the models \u2014 the iPhone XR \u2014 cost $250 less. So what\u2019s the catch? There isn\u2019t one, unless you want a few fancy camera features. This is the iPhone to buy this year. Starts at $749,<\/a> (Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP)", credit: "(Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP)", authorsHtml: "By Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP ", sourceId: "109590186", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Less-crazy-expensive iPhone", },

{ url: "", caption: "OK, this one might not be a necessity, but in the age of the Instagram\/Snapchat story, there\u2019s still something profoundly satisfying about holding a printed photo in your hand. The HP Sprocket photo printer can spit out 2-by-3-inch pictures on the spot, and it comes in cool colors too. Stick it in your pocket or your bag, and you\u2019ll be the life of the party. $129.99 at Amazon<\/a> (HP)", credit: "(HP)", authorsHtml: "By HP ", sourceId: "109590156", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Pocket-sized photo printer", },

{ url: "", caption: "Everyone has that one power strip in their bedroom or under their desk: a cluster of chargers with a wild tangle of fraying cables. You can reclaim your outlet space and your sanity by getting a combo charger like the Anker PowerPort II series. The highly regarded accessory-maker offers wall chargers with between one and four USB ports, including the option of a USB-C port that can charge your laptop. Starts at $10.99, Amazon<\/a> (Anker)", credit: "(Anker)", authorsHtml: "By Anker ", sourceId: "109590158", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Chargers that\u2019ll make your life easier", },

{ url: "", caption: "It\u2019s getting easier and easier to turn stuff off and on without leaving the couch. In the olden days, you\u2019d actually have to open up an app to turn on the smart switch you plugged your Christmas tree into. No more! Belkin\u2019s WeMo Mini switch now works with personal assistants from Amazon, Apple and Google, making it easier than ever to turn off the lights at night. $27.99, Amazon<\/a> (Belkin)", credit: "(Belkin)", authorsHtml: "By Belkin ", sourceId: "109590160", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Easier way to turn the lights off", },


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Technology can be ridiculous. Every year, companies come up with kooky, eye-catching new gadgets that no one in their right mind would actually buy. They might be fun to look at, but how many would you actually buy? Instead, we’ve rounded up 10 tech items that you and your family might actually use, from new phones to top-notch wireless headphones. To view individual categories, see our full 2018 Gift Guide »
(Ben Meyerson)

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