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May 22, 2019

10 gifts for your (picky) music-obsessed friend

November 29, 2018

{ url: "", caption: "Do you have people on your shopping list who love to sing in the shower? Are they always listening to music, unable to completely unplug? Hook them up with this Moxie showerhead that comes complete with a wireless Bluetooth speaker. The speaker is also easy to charge and replace. Sync your iPhone or other Bluetooth-compatible music player, and belt one out! $199, Amazon<\/a> (Kohler)", credit: "(Kohler)", authorsHtml: "By Kohler ", sourceId: "109549895", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Singin\u2019 in the \u2026 shower", },

{ url: "", caption: "Chicago Symphony Orchestra music director Riccardo Muti, a revered Verdi interpreter, conducts the CSO, chorus and soloists in a rare concert performance of Verdi\u2019s \u201CAida\u201D on June 21, 23 and 25 at Symphony Center, 220 S. Michigan Ave. $48-$171, www.<\/a><\/a> (John J. Kim / for the Chicago Tribune)", credit: "(John J. Kim / for the Chicago Tribune)", authorsHtml: "By John J. Kim / for the Chicago Tribune ", sourceId: "109549896", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Muti conducts \u2018Aida\u2019", },

{ url: "", caption: "A wireless, waterproof speaker with built-in subwoofer and magnetic mount for your mobile device that can also be used to crack open a cold one? With the BoomBottle MM (yes, complete with bottle opener) from Scosche, you\u2019ll be able to turn anywhere into a party \u2014 and keep it going all night long (or 12 hours, at least). Fits perfectly into water bottle cages and cup holders. Available in black and camo for $129.99, Amazon<\/a> (Scosche)", credit: "(Scosche)", authorsHtml: "By Scosche ", sourceId: "109549897", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "More than a speaker", },

{ url: "", caption: "Who better to give us a sweeping, up-to-the-moment history of the Crescent City than Jason Berry, the eminent New Orleans writer-documentarian? Berry gives us a lyrical and, at times, personal view of a place unique in America: \"City of a Million Dreams: A History of New Orleans at Year 300.\" $35, Amazon<\/a> (E. Jason Wambsgans / Chicago Tribune Photo by)", credit: "(E. Jason Wambsgans / Chicago Tribune Photo by)", authorsHtml: "By E. Jason Wambsgans / Chicago Tribune Photo by ", sourceId: "109549898", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "New Orleans at 300", },

{ url: "", caption: "Chris Bell, who with Alex Chilton co-founded the ahead-of-its-time Memphis band Big Star, died 40 years ago, before his accomplishments as a singer, songwriter and musical visionary could be widely acknowledged. Rich Tupica sets the record straight in \u201CThere Was a Light: The Cosmic History of Chris Bell and the Rise of Big Star\u201D (HoZac Books). The 400-page oral history covers everything from Bell\u2019s beginnings in the Memphis garage-rock scene of the \u201960s to the completion of what would be his posthumously released solo debut, the brilliant \u201CI Am the Cosmos.\u201D $37.99 at www.<\/a><\/a> (Hozac Records)", credit: "(Hozac Records)", authorsHtml: "By Hozac Records ", sourceId: "109549880", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "\u2018There Was a Light\u2019", },

{ url: "", caption: "Looking to get something for the music lover who has everything? Not on the High Street may just have the solution: an artistic, sound wave print of your loved one\u2019s favorite song. Simply choose the size and framing options frame, and provide the name of the song and the name of the artist who sings it. You can also personalize with two lines of writing and choose the color and orientation of the print. Shipping is a bit pricey. Prints start at $34 at Amazon<\/a> (NotOnTheHighStreet)", credit: "(NotOnTheHighStreet)", authorsHtml: "By NotOnTheHighStreet ", sourceId: "109549892", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Keep it personal", },

{ url: "", caption: "Minneapolis poet-rapper-singer-songwriter Dessa has a way with words, as affirmed by her often-dazzling memoir, \u201CMy Own Devices\u201D (Dutton). In a series of essays, she explores her passion for scientific inquiry, the rigors of running a record label and the on-again, off-again romance that hovers like a muse over her life and career. $26 at<\/a> (Dutton)", credit: "(Dutton)", authorsHtml: "By Dutton ", sourceId: "109549893", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "\u2018My Own Devices\u2019", },

{ url: "", caption: "A brilliant trumpeter with a forward-looking aesthetic, Hill returns to his hometown in one of the city\u2019s most inviting spaces. 7:30 p.m. Feb. 15 at Logan Center for the Arts, 915 E. 60th St.; $10-$38;<\/a>. (Brian Nguyen / for the Chicago Tribune)", credit: "(Brian Nguyen / for the Chicago Tribune)", authorsHtml: "By Brian Nguyen / for the Chicago Tribune ", sourceId: "109549899", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Marquis Hill Blacktet", },

{ url: "", caption: "Know someone whose favorite record just doesn\u2019t lie flat on the record player, causing the sound to suffer and become more of a buzzkill rather than a mood-setter? This Mistral record stabilizer clamp provides the ideal level of contact between the record and the platter it spins on \u2014 and was designed to work with any brand of turntable. Give the gift of complete audiophile obsession, and help your friends and loved ones extract the maximum performance from their LPs. $65 through We Dig Records at www.<\/a><\/a> (We Dig Records / Reverb)", credit: "(We Dig Records / Reverb)", authorsHtml: "By We Dig Records / Reverb ", sourceId: "109549894", shareUrl: "", imageTitle: "Stabilizing influence", },


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Music fans can often be the trickiest to shop for, especially as experiencing variable sights and sounds continues to become increasingly personal — and personalized. You’ll buy them a CD you think they’ll enjoy, only to be exhausted by their argument to the opposite. The latest concert DVD? Do people even buy those anymore? iTunes or other streaming-service gift card? You might as well admit you had no idea what to purchase and figured they’d be better suited to do it themselves. But fear not! The Tribune’s own music nerds have put together a collection of 10 gifts that any music fan will be happy to unwrap this holiday season — from tech that’ll make audiophiles’ ears perk up to reads that’ll turn them into even more of a know-it-all to accessories for the listener who knows it’s still all about the vinyl. To view individual categories, see our full 2018 Gift Guide »
(Greg Kot, Howard Reich, Jessi Roti)

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