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10 gifts for your (picky) music-obsessed friend


Music fans can often be the trickiest to shop for, especially as experiencing variable sights and sounds continues to become increasingly personal — and personalized. You’ll buy them a CD you think they’ll enjoy, only to be exhausted by their argument to the opposite. The latest concert DVD? Do people even buy those anymore? iTunes or other streaming-service gift card? You might as well admit you had no idea what to purchase and figured they’d be better suited to do it themselves. But fear not! The Tribune’s own music nerds have put together a collection of 10 gifts that any music fan will be happy to unwrap this holiday season — from tech that’ll make audiophiles’ ears perk up to reads that’ll turn them into even more of a know-it-all to accessories for the listener who knows it’s still all about the vinyl. To view individual categories, see our full 2018 Gift Guide »
(Greg Kot, Howard Reich, Jessi Roti)