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Woman hit by bullet from neighboring outdoor gun range


If you think living near an airport is rough, imagine having an outdoor gun range down the street.

A suburban Washington, D.C., woman was grazed by a bullet from a nearby firing range while standing in her yard Sunday afternoon, according to NBC News. Authorities said the victim, who was nicked in her shoulder, did not need medical attention.

The stray gunshot reportedly came from Gable Farm Lane, which is a few hundred yards from the unidentified victim’s Loudoun County, Va., home. That’s the same county where bullets from an outdoor shooting range are blamed for hitting a home where a baby shower was being hosted in October 2018. A few months prior to that incident, three homes in the area were hit by gunfire from nearby ranges.

Outdoor gun ranges are legal in Loudoun County, so long as they’re not within 50 yards of a highway or 100 yards of a park or school. Loudoun County has a population of over 400,000 people, making it one of Virginia’s largest.

Neighbors told NBC in 2018 that a population surge in recent years has contributed to bullets from outdoor ranges finding their way to people’s homes.

Guns and Ammo ranked Virginia 30th in their “Best States for Gun Owners” 2018 rankings, stating “The Commonwealth of Virginia was hit with more than sixty anti-gun bills during this legislative session but, thanks to the hard work of Virginians on the ground, none of the bills were successful in passing.”

Their study also said Virginia “gets 10 points for its strong use-of-force laws and receives fairly high marks all-around but for a few particulars including a requirement that machine guns be registered with the state authorities in addition to the BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives).”

New York ranked dead last in that study, which called the state “hostile ground for gun owners.”