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WEEK IN NEWS: A hardhat killed; a couple held hostage; banking in overtime


In this file photo, FDNY work on the scene of a building that its roof under construction collapsed killed a construction worker and left several others injured. (Luiz C. Ribeiro/for New York Daily News)

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Crushing collapse: A four-story building under construction in the Bronx collapsed on Tuesday, leaving one man dead and five others injured. As hardhat Segundo Huerta, a father of five, moved material to the third floor, the ground below him began to crumble, pancaking onto the second floor and creating an explosive avalanche of concrete and debris. First responders and more than 100 firefighters responded to a scene neighbors described as “an a very big earthquake.” A stop-work order was issued by the Department of Buildings, and the Department of Investigation is looking into the incident.

Stranger danger: Lower East Side couple Doru and Mimi Vaduvescu opened their home to CIA “agent" Truman Delaney four months ago—now Doru is dead. On Tuesday, Delaney accused the couple of being spies, beat Doru, and then held the pair hostage for over 30 hours. The couple was rescued after Mimi yelled out the window for help and a neighbor called 911. Doru, who suffered broken ribs and a busted finger from the assault, died from cardiac arrest. Investigators expect his death will be ruled a homicide. Delaney was arrested, and is being psychologically evaluated.

Detention for overtime: A Middle School teacher in Park Slope, Brooklyn, received almost $80,000 in overtime pay last school year. Anirudh Singh— a special education teacher at MS 88, recorded about 1,100 hours of overtime, but coworkers claim they never see him staying with kids. Singh says his overtime was a result of being the school’s scheduler, overseeing after-school programs, and because he came in weekends and during the summer. The office of the special commissioner of investigations recently opened a probe into the school’s finances, including Singh’s overtime pay.

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