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Utah woman to serve 12 days in jail after drunkenly reporting her own DUI to police


Breanna Dawn Hernandez was charged after calling police about an intoxicated driver — who turned out to be herself. (Davis County Sheriff's Office)

A Utah woman will serve 12 days behind bars for a DUI that she herself reported to authorities.

Breanna Dawn Hernandez, 32, called 911 on Aug. 16 to let authorities know about a possible drunk driver in Woods Cross, about 10 miles north of Salt Lake City, according to The Associated Press.

According to Fox 13, a court document said that, “The call-taker stated Breanna sounded intoxicated, was burping, and laughing uncontrollably on the phone.”

When the dispatcher asked for more information, a laughing Hernandez offered up her own license plate number.

When she saw the cops, Hernandez tried to run off, according to a probable cause statement, which said she “had to be restrained by officers," who also said she smelled of alcohol.

She was arrested and charged with a DUI. Hernandez was also charged with having an open container in the car, as she had a “near empty bottle of Fireball Whisky in the driver’s cup holder,” court documents note.

Hernandez had to be sedated when she was taken to a local hospital, but upon waking, called police dispatch again and, according to the statement, said “she was ready to go to jail and do her time.”

Online records show Hernandez was booked Wednesday morning and she will be on probation for 12 months. Among other things, Hernandez was also sentenced to 48 hours of community service.