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UFC fighter Mike Perry hits two people at bar, screams n-word repeatedly, which apparently is a thing he does regularly


UFC fighter Mike Perry was recorded punching an older man at a Texas bar, then screaming the n-word at no one in particular. (Perry is white.) Perry and the man were arguing about Perry hitting a waiter inside the bar, according to TMZ.

The video, which contains violence and racial slurs, can be seen below.

“Perry, who is white, has been known to use the N-word,” ESPN wrote in its report, while TMZ said that “Perry is known to casually throw the word around in daily conversation.”

That’s quite an aside, but it’s true. Perry took heat just six months ago when black UFC fighter Angela Hill criticized him for using the n-word as an insult against a black fighter. Perry’s tweet is still up, and he never apologized. At the time, his agent kind of shrugged his shoulders and Perry defended it by saying that DNA tests show he’s supposedly 2% black.

In the video, Perry is being yelled at by an older man outside a bar. According to TMZ, Perry was outside because a waiter asked him to leave, and he punched the waiter in the eye. After he knocks the second man to the ground, Perry is seen sitting down and screaming “BACK THE F--K UP N---A!” repeatedly.

Perry is 7-6 in the UFC. Late last month, he won a fight with only his girlfriend in his corner.

The video, which came out Wednesday, was recorded Tuesday night, according to reports.

“No comment,” Perry tweeted late Wednesday night.