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Trump cryptically tweets about phantom progress on Second Avenue subway


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo greets construction workers as he tours the Second Ave. Subway station at 72nd St. (Kevin P. Coughlin/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo)

President Trump cryptically suggested Saturday that there was a breakthrough on extending the Second Avenue subway, but officials say they know of no recent developments on the huge infrastructure project.

Taking a break from tweeting bile at China and airing other pet peeves, Trump randomly mentioned that he is “looking forward to helping New York City and (Gov. Andrew Cuomo) complete the long anticipated" line to East 125th Street in Harlem.

“Long in the making, they now have the team that can get it done!” he added.

Sounds good, only problem is: New York says it has no idea what Trump is talking about.

The state regularly interacts with federal officials about moving forward with infrastructure projects like the renovation of LaGuardia Airport and the proposed Gateway tunnel to New Jersey. But there has been no significant change on the Second Avenue subway.

“The president’s tweet suggests good news but we have no specific funding or approval,” said Dani Lever, a spokeswoman for Cuomo. “If an agreement actually materializes, we will provide an update.”

The Q line was extended to E. 96th St. and Second Ave. in 2017, with stations at 72nd and 86th sts. The MTA plans to eventually extend it further to 125th St. and Park Ave. but the project is still in the planning stage and there is no firm schedule for completion.