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Trevor Noah skeptical about Tucker Carlson’s ‘long planned vacation’ amid racial controversy


Is there something fishy about Tucker Carlson’s vacation?

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah questioned the timing of the right-wing Fox News pundit’s vacation in the aftermath of head writer, Blake Neff, being forced-off Carlson’s show for making racist posts on social media.

After warning critics not be judgmental of his bigoted writer, Carlson announced on Monday that he was leaving on a “long planned” vacation to spend the next four days trout fishing.

Noah didn’t take the bait.

“I love starting a vacation midweek because the trout never expect you to show up on a Tuesday,” he joked.

Noah, who is from South Africa, took issue with Carlson making a point of calling the trip “long planned” in the aftermath of the Neff mess.

“That’s never a detail someone shares when they talk about a vacation,” he contended.

Noah also pointed out that despite Carlson’s claim that the public was beating up on his bigoted former writer, it was Fox News that put out a statement condemning his behavior and saying the conservative network “swiftly accepted his resignation” after learning of his postings.

“If Fox News fires you for being racist, then you’re racist-racist,” Noah joked.

According to Noah, working for “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” where race-baiting is nothing new, already provided Neff a platform for his bile. He wondered why Neff, 29, decided to moonlight.

“You already write for Tucker Carlson!”he noted. “Imagine writing racist s--t for Tucker Carlson’s show all day, then you go home and write more racist s--t in your time off. That would be like me relaxing before bed by doing a second ‘Daily Show.‘”

The Detroit News reports Carlson’s trip — which Fox News confirmed was pre-planned — marks the sixth time in three years a Fox News personality has gone on break during a controversy.