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Three Brooklyn gang members plead guilty to whacking a rival


Three Brooklyn gangbangers hellbent on revenge admitted to killing a rival they blamed for their friend’s murder.

Tysheen Cooper, 28, Michael Liburd, 33, and Maurice Washington, 30, members of the West End Enterprise gang, pleaded guilty in Brooklyn Federal Court Wednesday to racketeering conspiracy charges in the slaying of Antwon Flowers in Coney Island on Jan. 17, 2016.

The trio admitted fatally shooting Flowers because they thought he set up their pal Shameek “Tata” Miller in a botched robbery the day before, prosecutors said.

Miller, a high-ranking member of a Bloods set known as the Gorilla Stone Bloods, was shot to death in an apartment building on New Lots Ave. in East New York, authorities said.

Cooper and Liburd pumped bullets into Flowers’ head as he walked out of the Surfside Gardens housing development on W. 33rd St., according to video surveillance obtained by the feds.

Washington served as the getaway driver, prosecutors said.

A year later, Cooper recorded a tribute rap to Miller on Youtube.

“Every day we used to ride together. Ta, you got me wishing that we died together," he rhymed in a video that’s been viewed 428 times since Jan 24, 2017. “I give 'em pain, I put it all in my raps. The pressure had me suicidal with this gun in ma lap. But wait, I got a daughter, man I couldn’t do that, but wait, I’m much stronger, man, I shouldn’t do that.”

The West End Enterprise dealt drugs, committed robberies and resorted to extortion and murder around the Sea Rise Apartments, the Gravesend Houses and Surfside Gardens between 2011 and 2017, prosecutors said.

Older gang members, like Liburd, mentored younger ones, like Miller, Cooper and Washington, teaching them how to sell drugs, rob people and use “trap houses” to hide drugs and guns, as well as protect their turf from rivals and back each other up in a fight, prosecutors said.

They, in turn, imparted those lessons on younger gang members as they rose in power, according to prosecutors.