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This website helps you fix your posture using your computer’s camera


Visitors to the website are immediately told what to do.

In bright yellow letters, the phrase “Fix Posture” appears three times above an explanation: using your computer’s webcam to create a reference point, the screen will blur if you don’t maintain good posture.

Users are asked to assume good posture before starting. What constitutes good posture exactly? Keeping your shoulders level while suppoting your back and keeping your eyes at the same level as your screen, basically. Leaning toward the screen is a no-no.

The funny thing is, the site, created by UX designer Olesya Chernyavskaya, works.

There is a little lag, but the screen goes blur as soon as your body goes noticeably askew. Slouching even a little and leaning forward or balancing on one side also blurs the screen.

Outside a browser extension, the code Chernyavskaya wrote only works on the Fix Posture site, but she offers some tips such as setting a reminder to check your posture every hour your are seated at a computer and even to get a "cyber suit that detects position of your body (even your legs !!).”

If a webpage monitoring your posture isn’t your idea of a good time, you can always get an ergonomic chair or a standing desk.

Seeing as how poor posture can lead to back pain, migraines and other not-very-fun symptoms, the site is certainly worth bookmarking.