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The best lip plumper device


Plenty of people wish their lips were a little fuller and poutier. If genetics haven't blessed you — and the idea of lip injections is a little too off-putting to go the filler route — a lip plumper device is definitely your best bet. You can choose from both manual and electric options, which use suction power to help swell your lips and make them appear plumper, or you can go a gentler route and opt for a lip mask to help deliver plump, luscious lips. No matter what type of plumper device you choose, you can see results quickly.

Read our buying guide for all the facts you need to find the best lip plumper device for your makeup bag. Our top pick from Mexitop is an electric plumper that's lightweight and portable and features a rechargeable battery with one and a half hours of runtime per charge.

Considerations when choosing lip plumper devices

Plumper type

A manual lip plumper device is typically made of plastic or rubber and sits over your lips. There's a small portion of the device that fits just inside your mouth to secure it. When you breathe in, there's a suction-like effect over your lips, so when you remove the device, your lips are visibly plumper.

An electric lip plumper device works similarly, but you don't have to do any of the work yourself. The device sits on your lips and once you turn it on, electric-powered suction begins to help stimulate blood flow so your lips appear plumper. An electric plumper can be more effective than a manual device. However, it's easier to overuse an electric model, which can cause bruising.

A lip plumper mask doesn't offer results as dramatic as those from a manual or electric lip plumper device, but it usually has anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles on and around your lips. While the size of your lips usually doesn't increase after using a lip mask, it can smooth your lips, making them appear plumper.



A lip plumper's appearance doesn't usually affect its performance, but if you prefer a fun or attractive-looking device, you have plenty of options. Manual plumpers are often available in cute shapes like cherries, an owl, fish, or even an oversized pair of lips. Electric plumpers tend to have a wand-like design, but they have an attractive appearance, with some featuring a two-tone design and others offering a sleek metallic finish.

Mouthpiece shape

Not all mouths are the same shape or size, so some higher-end lip plumper devices include more than one mouthpiece to fit multiple shapes and sizes. Generally, plumpers have an oval-shaped mouthpiece, but if you have a rounder face, a round mouthpiece is more comfortable.

Rechargeable battery

If you opt for an electric lip plumper, you can choose from models that use replaceable batteries and those that feature a rechargeable battery. A model that runs on AA or AAA batteries will require replacement batteries whenever it loses power, but a rechargeable model can be charged with a USB cord whenever the battery runs out, eliminating the need to buy replacement batteries.

Automatic shut-off

It's easy to overuse an electric lip plumper device — it's usually advised that you don't use it for more than a minute at a time. To avoid bruising, opt for a model that automatically shuts off after a certain period. Some turn off after 15 seconds, while others run for 30 seconds before the auto shut-off feature kicks in.


Lip plumper devices range from $3 to $40. Manual plumpers are more affordable, costing between $3 and $20. Electric models range from $12 to $40.


Q. Are lip plumper devices safe to use?

A. If you don't use a plumper device too much, it's usually safe to use. Always pay careful attention to the instructions that come with your plumper to avoid any bruising or pain.

Q. How often should I use a lip plumper?

A. Most lip plumpers shouldn't be used for more than 60 seconds per day. It's best if you don't use it daily, because overusing the device makes bruising more likely. Using it daily can also cause fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

Lip plumper devices we recommend

Best of the best: Mexitop Automatic Lip Plumper

Our take: An effective lip plumper for anyone who has used these types of devices before.

What we like: A handheld, lightweight tool that's highly portable. Features a rechargeable battery that offers more than an hour of battery life per charge. Provides three suction levels and does all the work for you. Has a convenient pause feature when you need to stop the device in a hurry.

What we dislike: For best results, some experience with a lip plumper device is required. Can cause bruising around the mouth if used for longer than the recommended intervals.

Best bang for your buck: Fullips Lip Plumping Enhancer

Our take: A user-friendly option for anyone new to lip plumping devices who is unsure what size mouthpiece to get.

What we like: Mouthpieces are made of silicone and feature a smooth edge for comfortable wear. Doesn't cause bruising or red marks around the mouth. Includes small, medium, and large mouthpieces to fit most mouths.

What we dislike: For some, plumping results may last for less than an hour.

Choice 3: Fernida Best Lip Plumper

Our take: A standard manual lip plumper that comes in a fun cherry shape and provides longer-lasting results than much of the competition.

What we like: Made of soft, flexible silicone for a comfortable feel. Includes both a round and an oval mouthpiece. Plumping results typically last for about two hours. Lightweight and easy to take with you on the go.

What we dislike: Suction isn't always that strong so the device can fall off. Applying lip balm first can help it stick better.

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