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Texas deputy helped ‘facilitate’ jail attack that left inmate hospitalized: sheriff


A Texas detention deputy has been arrested after he allegedly stood by while an inmate was beaten up to the point that he needed to be hospitalized.

Jean Camacho-Morales, 33, has been charged with aggravated assault, official oppression and tampering with a government record, Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar announced Tuesday night.

Camacho-Morales allegedly watched while six people attacked a 44-year-old inmate in the shower Monday, according to officials.

The unidentified inmate suffered facial fractures and broken vertebrae and was hooked up to a ventilator.

“While this poor victim is lying back there in a shower, beaten pretty severely, he stood by and did nothing, and then allowed the attack to continue,” Salazar said, according to KSAT.

“He allowed this man to lie there in a pool of his own blood for several minutes, probably upwards of a half hour during which time other inmates that were involved actually were able to clean up.”

Salazar insisted that Camacho-Morales did not participate in the attack, but helped “facilitate” it.

Along with the criminal charges, Camacho-Morales was also fired.