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SUNY offers tuition discounts for Hurricane Dorian victims


Bahamians displaced by Hurricane Dorian will get a discount to state colleges in New York, officials said Wednesday.

SUNY schools will offer lower tuition rates than New Yorkers get to displaced residents of the Bahamas whose homes were destroyed by the deadly hurricane earlier this month, state officials said.

“In New York, we know all too well about the life-shattering damage a hurricane and other extreme weather can leave behind,” Governor Cuomo said. “We will stand with our brothers and sisters in the Caribbean at this difficult time and send much more than thoughts and prayers to the Bahamas.”

Tuition at 4-year SUNY colleges for New Yorkers who live on campus is normally around $17,000, the Bahamians will pay $7,000.

Dorian wreaked havoc in the Bahamas, flooding streets, flattening homes, and killing at least 53 people. More than a thousand people are still reported missing.

The U.S. government hasn’t offered the island refugees Temporary Protection Status, an immigration classification sometimes given to groups fleeing crises.

The state university system in New York, which includes 64 campuses, has offered in-state tuition discounts to people displaced by Hurricanes Maria and Irma, as well as those who fled Haiti’s earthquake in 2010 and Hurricane Katrina.