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Subway smoke prompts evacuation of 600 straphangers in Brooklyn


Subway smoke prompts evacuation of 600 straphangers in Brooklyn (Catherina Gioino/for New York Daily News)

About 600 straphangers were evacuated from a subway train in Brooklyn on Sunday morning following reports of smoke in the tunnel, according to the Transit Workers Union.

Passengers on the A/C line traveling from Manhattan were led out of the train and into the High St. station after the FDNY received a call about the smoke at 10:30 a.m.


The train operator and train conductor walked the passengers through the cars of the train and relayed to a new train that was pulled in front of it. The passengers were being boarded into the new train to be brought to High St., according to an official with TWU Local 100.

A FDNY spokesman called it “an all-hands operation.” Video on the Citizen app showed about a dozen fire trucks lined up on Cadman Plaza West, near the subway entrance.

A FDNY radio transmission blamed the smoke on brake pads hitting the third rail, but the fire department could not confirm that as the cause.

Earlier in the day, at 7:38 a.m., the MTA tweeted: “There are service changes and delays in A and C train service while we investigate why a train’s brakes were activated near High St.”

By 11:45 a.m., the train was fully evacuated and all smoke was cleared from the tunnel, said the FDNY.

One passenger was treated for a minor injury, said the fire department.

“FDNY responded to reports of smoke in the tunnel. We have determined that there was a mechanical problem with the train that had its brakes activated and we are working to restore normal service as soon as possible,” tweeted a MTA spokesperson.