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South Carolina principal arrested for wife’s murder


A former South Carolina high school principal has been busted for allegedly murdering his wife.

James “Stan” Yarborough reported his 63-year-old wife, Karen, missing on Tuesday, said police in Summerville, S.C.

Cops believe say he killed his wife before the 911 disappearance call, telling the official she took a Monday night walk but never returned.

“I was up sitting and I woke up this morning; she was not here,” Yarborough, 64, says on the 911 recording. He then told the operator that he rode through the area where his wife usually walks but didn’t find her.

Cops were immediately suspicious of the suspect when they noticed bloodstains on his shirt after interviewing him at his residence. Yarborough claimed the clothing was old and that he took blood thinners, according to the police report.

At the home, detectives located the wife’s purse which contained her cell phone. They also discovered a stray bullet on the master bedroom floor, according to the report. Yarborough told detectives he didn’t possess a firearm.

The coroner would later verify that Karen Yarborough’s remains indicated cause of death was an apparent homicide, reported Charleston TV station WCSC.

In addition to the murder charge, Yarborough also faces one weapons charge and another for obstruction of justice.

He was principal of Summerville High School from 1994 to 1998, according to WCSC.

Restaurant owner Bill Blevins claimed Yarborough was a regular at his establishment and was shocked to learn of his arrest.

“Seemed like super nice man,” said Blevins. “I don’t understand that.”

A judge denied bond for Yarborough’s murder charge on Tuesday, reported TV station WCIV.