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Soothsayer Tony Romo knows where Bryce Harper is going to sign


We finally know where Bryce Harper is going to end up...well, sort of.

The super free agent reached out to NFL soothsayer Tony Romo to predict what team he’ll be playing for next year. Harper tweeted at Romo during Sunday night’s AFC Championship, lauding him for the way he was calling plays on the field before they even happened, as if he had Tom Brady on marionette strings.

“Confirmed: Just called Tony Romo to see where I’m going to play next year. #YoureAWizardTony,” Harper said on his personal account.

Romo responded a day later with an answer that won’t make Yankee fans happy.

“Well... looks like you’ll be playing for the Texas @Rangers opening day,” he joked.

Tony Romo and Bryce Harper had a little fun on Twitter. (Photos by AP)

The former Dallas Cowboys QB obviously has a special place in his heart for Texas teams, but Romo’s crystal ball might be a little cloudy on this one. The Rangers haven’t sniffed the Harper sweepstakes, with the Phillies reportedly a leading candidate for the Nationals slugger after a lengthy meeting in Las Vegas last weekend.

Maybe Romo can take a guess at where Manny Machado is headed next.