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SEE IT: ‘View’ guest Elizabeth Warren repeatedly ignores Meghan McCain’s questions


“Feel the Bern" was so four years ago. Now, it’s all about the Liz Look-away.

Elizabeth Warren became the latest Democratic political guest on “The View" to give the big brushoff to conservative panelist Meghan McCain.

On Tuesday’s episode, the Massachusetts senator and White House hopeful spoke on the long-running gabfest about a myriad of topics, including her proposed wealth tax.

After left-leaning panelist Joy Behar broached the economic topic, Warren began detailing specifics of her plan. The Oklahoma native noted that it would only affect the top one-tenth of 1% of Americans — those earning more than $50 million annually.

The 70-year-old Dem vigorously asserted that the levy would fund universal child care, infuse $800 billion into public schools and strengthen historically black colleges.

But McCain’s attempts to interrupt fell on deaf ears.

While “The View” audience applauded Warren during her fiery defense, McCain interjected, “Can we just switch gears . . . ?”

But the crowd drowned out her entreaties.

As McCain repeatedly tried posing questions, Warren seemed to look right through the 35-year-old daughter of former Arizona Sen. John McCain.

After at least three false starts, McCain dejectedly shrugs toward somebody off-camera.

Warren — who was scheduled to appear Tuesday evening at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn to pitch her campaign to voters — then fields a question from co-host Sunny Hostin, who was sitting next to the presidential contender.

McCain’s visible frustration became humorous fodder on social media.

“Elizabeth Warren completely ignoring the fact that Meghan McCain exists is wonderful,” tweeted Frederick Joseph.

Tuesday’s episode did offer some moments of levity. When Warren noted that two of her three brothers were not Democrats, Behar butted in, “Will they vote for you?”

"Yes! a laughing Warren replied. “I’ve checked this out!”