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SEE IT: Video of woman’s racist rant at Los Angeles CVS store sparks police probe, neighbor says ‘she’s been yelling out racist slurs’ for years


A woman’s racist rant at a CVS store in Los Angeles is being investigated as a possible hate crime after video of the threatening tirade went viral.

The disturbing video shows the white woman melting down in the doorway of the store, shouting the N-word repeatedly and jumping up and down before taking her obscenity-laced outburst to the parking lot.

“I would kill a [N-word], but the law says I can’t,” she rants in the video. “If the law didn’t say I couldn’t kill all the [N-word], they’d all be dead.”

The incident took place around 3:45 p.m. Tuesday at the CVS on Colorado Blvd. in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles, police said.

“The suspect allegedly was making multiple comments related to her hatred of African-Americans and using racial epithets. We took a crime report and the incident is still under investigation,” Officer Tony Im told the Daily News. “We do have the video.”

A man who identified himself as the woman’s neighbor told KTLA-TV that she had a history of abusive behavior.

Tony Toscano said neighbor Heather Patton, 49, berated him and his mother to the point they both took out civil restraining orders against her.

He said Patton has told his Guatemalan mom and Sicilian dad to return to their countries.

“I was shocked to see it was her in the video, but I’m not surprised by her behavior. I had seen it before. I just didn’t know she was doing it to other people,” Toscano told the Daily News in a phone interview Thursday.

“It might be a hate crime, but she has mental health issues that need to be addressed,” he said. “She’s been yelling out racist slurs to my mom for the past four or five years.”

In home security video shared with KTLA and used to obtain the restraining orders, Patton is seen walking up to the Toscano’s property in a menacing manner and engaging in a physical struggle with her husband, Toscano said.

Attempts to reach Patton, who has prior addresses listed in New York, were not immediately successful Thursday.