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SEE IT: Jackson State mascot flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct


The Jackson State Tigers now lead college football in: mascots flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Okay so it’s just the one, but they have to be the only ones to have their mascot get flagged on a play.

In the third quarter, Jackson State’s receiver Warren Newman made a catch to get the Tigers to 15-7 over the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats. A Bethune-Cookman defender tried to wrestle the ball out of Newman’s hands and a few other players got in the scrum, along with Wavee Dave the Tiger.

Wavee Dave was obviously just excited to celebrate with his team and his friends (assuming Newman is one of his friends, I’m just guessing), but maybe no one read him the rule book on mascot etiquette.

After the flag was thrown while the mascot was in the mix, Wavee Dave proceeded to dance it off back on the sideline like he couldn’t be bothered.

Jackson State ended up losing the game 36-15, but they did, at least, win over Twitter’s audience for the night.