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SEE IT: Gunman shoots rival at point-blank range outside Queens bodega


Video captures initial shooting incident that led to police involved shooting in Queens.

Chilling surveillance footage obtained by the Daily News captures the moment when a cold-blooded gunman blasts a rival at point-blank range outside a Queens bodega — about half an hour before cops caught up with the suspected gunman and shot him dead.

Stephen Gilliard, 27, emerged from the Sanahy Deli & Grocery on Sutphin Blvd. near Shore Ave. in Jamaica and opened fire on the 26-year-old victim about 1:45 a.m. on Friday, cops said. Cops believe the shooting is part of an ongoing gang drug battle.

“I have a wife, I have kids here in America,” a worried worker in the bodega said Sunday. “A bullet could come in here, I could be shot.”

Gilliard, clad in a white T-shirt with a black backpack, can be seen standing over his target while continuing to blast away at him before sprinting off.

The victim survived the shooting but was taken to Jamaica Hospital in critical condition, cops said. His name has not been released.

About 30 minutes later, a pair of plainclothes anti-crime officers spotted a potential match for the gunman sitting on a bench at 156th St. and 110th Ave., about half a mile away, cops said.

Gilliard opened fire on the cops, but the officers shot back at him, wounding him in the head, police said. He died at Jamaica Hospital.

The shootout was caught on the cops’ body cameras, but the footage has not been made public.

During a promotions ceremony at Police Headquarters on Friday, Police Commissioner James O’Neill lauded the officers, saying they demonstrated “the utmost professionalism and bravery by exiting the vehicle, [engaging] the suspect and returning fire.”