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SEE IT: Girl coaxed to crawl out from under NYC subway train after dad leaps to his death with her in tow


Eye-popping video shows a brave little girl miraculously crawling from under a hulking subway train in the Bronx Monday morning after her suicidal father leaped off the platform to his death with her in tow.

With stunned witnesses urging her on, the frightened 5-year-old, with her knapsack still fastened to her back, pulled herself forward along her belly into the waiting arms of a good Samaritan beckoning her on.

“Little by little, my love,” a woman called from the platform of the elevated Kingsbridge Road station. “Little by little.”

The man lifted the girl from the Manhattan-bound track and put her on the platform, where she was mobbed by stunned straphangers. The girl’s cries could be heard above the din of passengers, many of whom had been convinced the girl had perished along with her deranged dad.