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Screaming feral peacock roaming California neighborhood has led to split reactions among residents


A wild peacock is ruffling feathers in a Northern California neighborhood.

Residents on Occidental St. in North Oakland are split over whether they love the colorful creature or hate it — because apparently, the bird is quite loud, SF Gate reported.

“For the past 15 weeks or so he has screamed relentlessly, every day,” one resident, identified as Jesse T., kvetched on the neighborhood networking website Nextdoor.

“It’s so loud inside my house it literally feels like he is inside my house,” the user continued. “It got so bad that two months ago, I had to move out of my street-facing bedroom and into my middle bedroom/storage room. I have been sleeping on the floor on a camping air mattress ever since. ... I STILL get woken up at 4, 5, 6am many mornings.”

The majority of the people living in the area have reportedly enjoyed seeing the feathered friend in the neighborhood, giving them something unusual to admire as they isolate at home amid the coronavirus crisis.

However, a noise complaint regarding the peacock has been filed to the city of Oakland, according to local news outlet The E’ville Eye, which covers Emeryville, Calif.

Amid the drama, Animal Control sent personnel to the neighborhood to check out the situation, but the peacock wasn’t moved.

Neighbors reportedly suspect that the peacock is feral, with some thinking it’s the same bird that used to live nearby, until a former resident moved and therefore stopped feeding it.