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School teams to take charge of curriculum efforts


Small teams of school staff will be responsible for translating citywide curriculum efforts into reality in the classroom, schools Chancellor Richard Carranza said Monday.

Every city school will form committees of teachers, counselors and administrators to translate central initiatives to increase literacy and diversify curriculum into smaller scale plans that fit each school.

Some schools already have the teams in place, and others will establish them this school year, Education Department officials said.

The instructional teams will take the lead on deciding how schools are going to ensure that school curriculum reflects the background of students – an approach called “culturally responsive education.”

A city panel voted at a contentious July meeting to adopt a definition of culturally responsive that encouraged schools to introduce more authors of color among other measures to link education to students’ identities.

Proponents of the approach say academic achievement shoots up when students feel more connected to school curriculum. Opponents argued at the July meeting that the approach could detract from a focus on other academic fundamentals.