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Rich person angry with Joe Biden spends $500K for ad to disparage Democratic front-runner


Shirley Shawe, a private citizen and registered Republican, paid for TV spots disparaging 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden. (YouTube)

A woman who claims her son’s business lost money because of the court system in Delaware, where Joe Biden was a senator from 1973 to 2009, has spent $500,000 to produce an ad attacking the 2020 Democratic front-runner in key primary states Iowa, New Hampshire and Delaware.

Shirley Shawe, a private citizen and registered Republican, paid for the TV spots, according to CBS News. Her grievance reportedly revolves around decisions affecting the sale of a software company where her son was a major investor, costing the business up to $250 million in legal expenses. Shawe also owned 1% of the company, according to Delaware Business Now, which reports the New York-based company was incorporated in Delaware, but had no presence there. It is now incorporated in Nevada.

The ad uses snippets of Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, also a contender for the 2020 Democratic nomination, speaking at a 2005 Senate hearing regarding Delaware’s Court of Chancery, which handles matters related to businesses and LLCs registered there. In Shawe’s anti-Biden commercial, a female narrator blasts the Delaware courts for being “too male, too white and anything but open.” The ad sides with what it claims is Warren’s position in that dispute, which paints Biden in a negative light.

Biden’s campaign argues the 14-year-old clips used in Shawe’s ad misrepresent the 76-year-old politician’s positions and conflates the courts she’s complaining about with a different court Biden was referencing at the time. They are asking that the ads not run. Warren has also asked that the ads be nixed due to the senator’s opposition to electoral influence by private donors.