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Republican cowards — What is the GOP thinking?


Who's afraid of the big bad (Joe) Walsh? (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

As two or three Republican challengers begin to make the compelling case to 2020 voters that the current Republican president of the United States is unstable, mendacious, impulsive, vindictive, divisive and [insert 50 other not-very-nice adjectives here], the bosses of their political party are already curling up like armadillos.

This weekend, pressured by the Republican National Committee Donald Trump controls, state GOPs in South Carolina, Nevada, Arizona and Kansas are poised to completely cancel their presidential primaries, rather than risk a slight dent in the ego of the fragile man who currently occupies the White House.


Rank-and-file Republicans overwhelmingly support Trump. His backing inside the party in most polls is north of 90%. Rep. Joe Walsh, former Gov. Bill Weld and anyone else who leaps into the fray is destined to do little more than nip at the giant’s heels.

But they all have a right to get onto ballots and make their case. This is still a small-d democratic republic, isn’t it? Isn’t it?