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Readers sound off on Thursday’s front page, the Proud Boys and the new license plate designs


Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece "The Last Supper" is seen May 27, 1999, in downtown Milan's Santa Maria delle Grazie church. (ANTONIO CALANNI/AP)
The News’ offensive ‘Last Whopper’

Brooklyn: Your mockery of the president on Thursday’s front page has reached a new low. I’m enraged, and so should be all Catholics. The depiction of Trump sitting at a table which mimics the Last Supper is offensive. There can be no misunderstanding about his placement at the Lord’s seat and that of his “Apostles.” This is an honored and significant time in the history of the Catholic religion, which you disgraced with this depiction. Ann Marie Stefanuk


Fresh Meadows: How dare this publication depict its political opinions by superimposing the faces of the president and others over the faces of Jesus Christ and His Apostles! There must be a distinctive red line that no newspaper or magazine in this country ever crosses — the using of any religion to express political views of any kind must not be allowed. That is the absolute lowest and most disgraceful form of journalism and it has no place in America’s newspapers or magazines. This is professional journalism at its lowest yellow level. This writer is demanding an apology from the editor-in-chief of the Daily News for allowing such an expression of anti-religious garbage to be published on its front page. This writer will no longer buy the Daily News. Its attitude toward professional journalism has been blown away forever, like Dorothy Gale’s house was blown away to Oz. Gone with the wind, forever. John Amato

Low blow

Brooklyn: How dare the New York Daily News choose to desecrate a sacred image to millions of Christians worldwide, like “The Last Supper,” by depicting President Trump as Jesus Christ eating junk food? I bet that The News would never put an image of Trump as Moses coming down from Mount Horeb with two pizzas from Di Fara. Nor would it ever dare to print an image Trump as the Islamic prophet Muhammad. I am of the opinion that all religions should be respected. Your cheap-shot attempt at humor by dishonoring a religious symbol has only had one result with millions of people: “We are not laughing and you owe us an apology.” Daniel Colón

Split it

Chagrin Falls, Ohio: You can bet they got separate checks, and one of the disciples got stuck with his. John Suffron

A lesson

Manhattan: As a subscriber, I feel that your paper has given a balanced view of the Eric Garner case overall. So many of the letters to the editor provide a mixed assessment of the situation. There are no easy answers. While there is blame on both parties, hopefully it will prevent further similar confrontations. Jack D. Weiss

But, pizza!

Brooklyn: Re The Aug. 20 front page, “Out of Dough”: If you think this is the most important thing to put on the cover of the Daily News, then I have to seriously consider cancelling my home delivery subscription and reading a different newspaper. You certainly weren’t there to put them on the front page when they failed a city health inspection, endangering the health of their customers, which is a far more serious issue than them owing back taxes. Martin Berman

Jefferson’s List

Manalapan, N.J.: Richard Cohen’s column (“The two Washingtons, master and slave,” op-ed, Aug. 20) fails to realize that Thomas Jefferson was Schindler before Schindler was born. If you know of all of Jefferson’s efforts to abolish slavery and that slavery was the law of the land, then you know that Jefferson kept his slaves at Monticello for the same reason that Schindler kept the Jews working in his factory. Cohen’s syndicated column needs a correction. Ray Kalainikas


Brooklyn: Voicers Nick Tsiamas and William Wagner wrote in to disagree with my letter about how many Americans secretly resent police, which also said we must stop bad cops as they turn everyone against all cops. But tellingly, their replies were all deflection and at no point did they attempt to refute my facts or arguments. That means they agree with me. All they could do was spew police union talking points like “next time you’re the victim of crime, call your cop-hating friends.” You can ask a zillion victims of crime who treated them worse: the criminals or the police? Most crime victims have horror stories about do-nothing police. Worst of all is their ludicrous talking point that there are only a few bad cops. Again, we reformers are not anti-cop. It’s the cops who are anti-cop, and their Blue Wall of Silence protects dirty cops, who then hurt all good cops. Ask that mobster PBA head Pat Lynch if his “job” is to protect dirty cops and he admits it is! His job is to protect all cops, even the dirtiest ones, who hurt all other cops! Andrew Nace-Enzminger

High standards

Utica, N.Y.: Voicer Joshua Isaacson feels that it’s hypocritical to criticize Israel for barring Reps. Omar and Tlaib because Saudi Arabia bans non-Muslims from Mecca? Mr. Isaacson, is it your goal to see Israel become more like the Saudis? Isn’t Israel supposed to be better than that? Yes they are...that’s the point! Jeff and Joan Ganeles

Nazism II

Bronx: Kudos to Voicer Robert Koch. Both of my parents fought against the Axis powers during WWII, and after seeing that poor excuse for a human being, “Proud Boy" John Kinsman, making that salute, I couldn’t help but wonder if my parents were turning over in their graves. The Proud Boys are nothing more than a reincarnation of the Hitler Youth of the 1930s and 1940s, promoted and encouraged by the Proud Boy-in-Chief. They should be rejected and shunned by all decent people of the United States. Tami Mitchell

Invisible ink

Monroe Township, N.J.: As if the typing and proofreading issues weren’t enough, now it’s the photo captions. In Tuesday’s paper on page 28, there is a picture of a fire in Spain (“Far too close for comfort in Spain”). There is a caption on the left side of the paper describing the photo (I guess), but it is done in white type and placed right over the white smoke of the fire. Glad you didn’t want us to really read it, since it’s almost impossible to decipher. Marilyn Sliva

Lackluster options

Oakhurst, N.J.: Watch out, people! The fix is in. Four license plate designs with the Statue of Liberty and only one other design — the Mario Cuomo Bridge. What is more New York than the Empire State building or Niagara Falls? You want a bridge? How about the Verrazano Narrows Bridge — the ocean gateway to New York. The johnny-come-lately Mario Cuomo Bridge pales in size and scope to the magnificent Verrazano. The Cuomo bridge is pure bush league. Robert Andreasi