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Readers sound off on the death of John Lewis, overlooked horse races, and catching suspects with nets


Peters Township, Pa.: “Courageous,” “incorruptible,” “irreplaceable” — these are some of the words that come to mind when reflecting on the magnificent life of Rep. John Lewis. During 34 years in Congress, there was never a hint of scandal or impropriety. Rather, Lewis’ career was characterized by dedication and hard work to make his district and the country better. His experience and service earned him respect on both sides of the aisle. On the 50th anniversary of the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Lewis reflected, “There is still work yet to be done.” Surely Dr. King would echo that sentiment. These days, racism has become more open and accepted. The best tribute to a great man would be to honor his tenets: to make our nation a place of tolerance, acceptance and peace. Oren Spiegler

Clearwater, Fla.: John Lewis will not be forgotten by history. Lewis, along with Martin Luther King Jr., helped create the civil rights movement. He leaves a legacy of personal commitment to make our nation a more perfect union. Lewis will be sorely missed. JoAnn Lee Frank

Bellerose: The passing of civil rights icon John Lewis at age 80 has brought much sadness to many. Here was a brave lion who marched with MLK Jr. and was beaten and jailed for his beliefs. Lewis went on to join Congress in 1986 and serve for many decades. He was a man of character, honor and dignity who fought for the greater good of our countrymen and women. There are those who would disagree about some things he did or said, but I believe he was the personification of this phrase: “Evil thrives when good people do nothing.” John Lewis did something. America will mourn the loss of a good man. Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Bronx: In 2018, Floridians voted to restore voting rights to hundreds of thousands who had served terms in jail, and were, for that reason, disenfranchised. The Florida legislature then imposed fines and fees that prevent a majority of those potential voters from registering. Lawsuits aimed at overturning those barriers have failed. If I were one of the nearly 800 billionaires who are American citizens, I would donate a small slice of my fortune to those people, so that they could pay those fines and fees and be able to cast their ballots. Miriam Levine Helbok

Brooklyn: Steve Cohen represents the best chance of getting the Mets back to the World Series. Baseball unfortunately needs billionaire owners as per the current economics of the game. The op-ed by Jessica Ramos (”Mets fans deserve better than Steve Cohen,” Op-Ed, July 17) is a one-sided attack that is clearly politically-motivated around her left-wing politics, not her support for the Mets. If she wishes to attack Cohen for his ethics, maybe she should do so without pretending to speak of what’s best for the team. She might claim to want to take money out of politics, but you can’t take money out of baseball. Joshua Gelfand

Forest Hills: Jessica Ramos claims Steve Cohen should not be allowed to buy the Mets because of his “disregard for ethics and morality.” But A-Rod is OK? Alan Hirschberg

Matawan, N.J.: I know that you’ve stripped down your sports coverage, with a lot of articles now from the AP, but how could you not give any coverage to The Haskell, run Saturday at Monmouth Racetrack? Next to the Triple Crown races and the Breeders’ Cup, it is one of the premier races. It was even nationally televised, yet there wasn’t any pre-coverage or reporting of results in The News. Is it because it was run in NJ? Let’s step up the sports coverage of the tristate area. Bob Wyshynski

Plainview, L.I.: The Democrats should try to convince Gov. Cuomo to run for the presidency. As far as I am concerned, he is the only one who makes sense. If he runs, I would definitely vote for him. If it is just between Trump and Biden, sadly I will have no choice but to vote for Trump. Never change horses in midstream, especially when we are in a pandemic. Frank Mauceri

Milford, Conn.: Some have suggested that NFL’s Washington team should be named the Washington Possums — because they play dead at home, and when they go on the road, they get killed. Brian Smith

Staten Island: To Voicer Aubrey Rose, who dreads the removal of Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and the lady on the Land O’Lakes products: Seriously?! You’re so upset that you called the manufacturers of Land O’Lakes?! Exactly why would it make you feel so comfortable, seeing these characters portrayed in stereotypical, servile roles? Never mind how they offend the minority groups they’re supposed to represent: that doesn’t bother you, because you’re not of that group. Just eat the thing and be happy. I’m sure you have much more important things to do. Reg Amis

Richmond Hill: Dear David Dinkins, we have finally found a mayor worse than you. He stands about 6'5?, and resembles a character on “Sesame Street.” His leadership skills are pitiful, but wonderful for the criminal minds of this great city. Francheisko Perez

Manhattan: Defund the police does not seem to apply to Mayor de Blasio because a good chunk of Carl Schurz Park around Gracie Mansion is off-limits to the public and under constant watch by the police. Thank you, mayor, and stay safe. Suzy Sandor

Brooklyn: I don’t know if anyone thought of this before, but why can’t the NYPD use a device that would propel a strong net over out-of-control individuals who are trying to evade arrest? They could be brought to the ground, loaded into an ambulance, then brought to the precinct for booking. Seems like a humane way to keep everyone safe. Maureen Mallon

Avon-by-the-Sea, N.J.: Please do not call the paint on the streets a mural. When done illegally, it is graffiti! The mayor and his posse do not get arrested, but those who “add” more paint do? What is the difference? Robert Stiloski

Santa Rosa, Calif.: Why do you capitalize Black but not white when referring to people in your articles? Unless they are from the Isle of Black, shouldn’t it be “black” people? John Pinney

Ozone Park: Mail-in ballots may be necessary this year. Just make sure the staff guarding the votes aren’t the same group who guarded Jeffrey Epstein. Ray Hackinson

Bronx: Dear Mr. President: How many more Americans must die before you start regularly wearing a mask? Carlos Martínez